Dealing with Creative blocks and Carving an identity as a musician with Aditya Bisht

His insta handle: @addy_music

Born and raised in Uttarakhand, at a tender age of 20, Aditya has already kick started his career as a full time musician. Inspired by Ed Sheeran's live sets, he developed a particular interest in using live looping of sounds during his recordings and performances,. Alongside this, you will seem him carrying both guitars, his keys and possibly even a flute and a harmonium! Of course, we can't forgot to add his vocal capabilities to this arsenal of his. Before we proceed onwards to the conversation, I wanted to share some bits of him in his all his glory!

Check out his own composition and how he likes to perform with his set!

Some flute for you!

The Harmonium!!

I wanted to share this conversation I had with him where we talked about this particular sentiment a lot of people may be able to relate to . Creative blocks are things people may experience in all walks of life, across all creative disciplines and so we may be able to apply a common framework to really pull one out of it. Further, Aditya is someone who is so passionate about his sound and his identity and wouldn't want to compromise that at any expense. However, as a youngster, he finds it difficult to say no to very commercial opportunities and that is completely understandable. He doesn't want to lose his voice and craft but at the same time wants to thrive in this so called business.

We really breakdown these challenges and propose some solutions - find out more by watching the video or reading the key takeaways further below.

Key Takeaways

  1. Make sure you don't lose your identity in the process of commercializing/doing business : Develop a prioritization framework that you can use to make decisions when opportunities come your way so you don't have to spend ages each time mulling over the value. Consider long term benefits even if short term gratification/ monetary gain may be appealing and don't let emotion overrule logic when it comes to making such decisions.

  2. Communication is key - Regardless of how esteemed the personnelle is whom you maybe working for/with, make sure you clear expectations from both ends. Have that tough conversation!

  3. To get rid of creative blocks, try to go for a walk and increase your blood circulation as to bring a fresh supply of oxygen to your brain. Take a nap and reset! Do something you love and get your mind distracted - return with a bang! Most importantly, set aside some time to take a breath. The mere power of exhalation and inhalation is so underrated.