|Women Behind The Scenes| Meet Rianjali!


Rianjali is a multifaceted South Asian American artist. She is a composer, singer, writer, music supervisor, teacher and most importantly, an extremely down to earth, charismatic and confident woman . She has made a mark in the entertainment industries of two powerhouses: the US and India and continues to break walls and push the frontiers in this rather contentious space.

Ria walks through me through her past, shows me glimpses of what she is currently up to and shares a vision of what the future looks like for her. We re-visit her highs&lows, challenges and opportunities in this wonderful musical journey of hers which include her musical education, certain setbacks and insecurities which were pivotal in her transformation, her work with AR Rahman Sir as a writer, music supervisor, singer and not to mention, her solo quest as an independent artist featuring her EP HOME and single OKAY (thus far)

Work with AR RAHMAN

Music supervision

Think back to when you watched the netflix documentary series Daughter of Destiny, or the bollywood film MOM, or even the underpublicized film The Fakir Of Venice.

Did you know Rianjali was involved in the whole process of coordinating and assimilating musical cues and song placements for each scene from sound engineers, and performers before it went to ARR?

Writer and Singer

She helped write the powerful lyrics for the unique and intriguing songs 'Raakh Baakhi' and 'Freaking Life' in MOM and also sang portions in both songs!

You may not have heard of the hollywood film Lake Of Fire but one of its original songs 'I'll be gone' was actually shortlisted for the Oscars and sung+written by Rianjali.

She wrote the catchy yet endearing lyrics for the english segment of the beautifully composed 'For you my Love' in Blinded by the Light.

She wrote the lyrics for 'I am more' from Love Sonia which was a collaboration between AR Sir's team and British-American singer songwriter Bishop Briggs!

Her quest as a solo artist

Check out her originals on her Youtube - she has created such thought provoking and emotionally appealing music videos so please shower some love on them!

The thing I personally resonate with is how she draws inspirations from very specific events in her life to express the internal conflicts and dilemmas, irrational yet emotionally satisfying choices, and insecurities that we, as humans, inevitably experience. I also think she really uses her vocal capabilities to unearth and unravel strong emotions.

She loves to experiment with different types of sounds and this is just the beginning. You'd think she has a proclivity towards a R&B genre but I feel that can be challenged especially if you observe the dynamic shifts in her vocals, intensity, and types of instrumentation in the songs from Make you Mine to Okay (Her new single).

My Favorites

  1. 'Whole Again' - I loved the concept of the black & white music video in which she metaphorically alludes to her early life experiences and offers her retake of certain situations.

  2. 'Make you Mine' - This is an acoustic piece in its core but has a few elements of orchestra embedded. I love the minor note she hits coupled with the subtle cello orchestration at around 3:12 which completely changes the tone!

Here is my conversation with her!